Rise Above Online Mediocrity. Get Higher Conversion Rates With Your Content


    1. Create: Whether it is a landing page or a blog or a social media post, we will help you enhance your site while getting measurable results using SEO copywriting.


    1. Research: We will do research on the subject and topic of your choice. If you don’t have a topic yet, we will work with you in discovering topics relevant to your business.⁣‌


    1. Track: Track your results or relax, and let us track them for you! It’s that simple!‌⁣


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Who is SEO Copywriting For?

If you are responsible for the results of a business that provides either products or services AND you want to:


  • Increase traffic to your site 
  • Boost your conversions
  • Demonstrate your expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness 
  • Rank well on Google and other search engines
  • Provide relevant, attention-grabbing content that answers questions and drives incoming links


Then SEO copywriting is for you.

Google looks to you and me to tell them what your business should rank, and they want to provide people with the best, most comprehensive, unique, useful, trusted, and relevant content that it possibly can. Google, and other search engines, only care about one thing; getting the right answer for the user, right away.

What Does an SEO Copywriter Do?




An SEO Copywriter creates content for users that is optimized for search engines with the goal of getting a website to earn visibility when someone in need performs a search. This involves doing the necessary research and writing appealing, engaging, shareable, relevant, informative copy based on that research with the intent to convert.

To do this properly, someone involved will need to use an array of tools to research keywords and phrases that users are specifically asking and searching for online and incorporate these terms into content for websites, blogs, social media, etc. in order to optimize SEO results. They will not only study what a targeted audience is looking for online but also how they engage with sites and content online.

A successful SEO campaign, which relies on focused copywriting,  will include tracked metrics to ensure that the copy is effective in the goal of increasing visibility and traffic from organic search. Otherwise, how will the team know if their efforts have been worthwhile?

When you Google “How to Write for SEO” the first organic results you will see are there because of the hard work that a good SEO copywriter has put into his copy.

Why Choose Omnifonic for SEO Copywriting?

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At Omnifonic, we understand that content is the best driving force in SEO. Relying on a mix of tradition, innovation, and creativity, we provide holistic SEO to all of our customers and clients. Our main goal is to ensure that your site and your content is the BEST possible option for users online.


Using research tools we start by researching your competition to find out what is working for the people ranking high in your industry. Once we have identified search trends and user search intent for relevant keywords, we craft original, keyword-optimized content that is designed to increase traffic and conversions as well as help you rank organically on Google and other search engines. 

We will work with you as a partner, get to know your brand, and identify your audience to see how they interact with your content. Your goals will guide the solutions that we provide. You deserve an agency that you can trust with your unique value and audience.