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Tyler Jacobson

Owner / Digital Marketing Strategist

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Jason Lung

Digital Marketing Specialist

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– Growth Focused Marketing –

Omnifonic is Different. We are a digital marketing agency founded in early 2018 that specializes in growing business awareness and sales. With over 20 years of marketing expertise and results, Omnifonic lives to solve problems and grow with our clients. We become giants by building giants.

– How We Work –

We get results by bringing together all aspects of digital marketing in to complete, balanced, and potent strategies focused on growth.

– Our Core Values –


There are estimated to be 1 billion known galaxies in the universe and your existence is bookended by infinity. How you spend your time matters. You may as well be you in the piece of the universe that you occupy and in the limited time that you have it.

If doing the right thing is scary, be brave.

If being weird means that you drive creative solutions, be weird.

Going to new places requires acknowledging that there are no rules.

Leadership Over Ego

Ego almost always stands in the way of true leadership. Move everything forward when you can. When you can’t, don’t stand in the way of the person who can. You may even want to lend them all of your support.

Manage Change

Change is inevitable. Those who embrace that changing tide and ride the wave are going to go the furthest and at an accelerated pace. Remember: You can’t progress if you aren’t moving.