Jason Lung is an all-around darling and a Digital Marketing Specialist at Omnifonic Digital Marketing in that order. Jason is an alumnus of the University of Northern Colorado and has several years of agency experience as a specialist for Omnifonic where he is kind of like the Voltron of digital marketing. However, instead of robot lions, he is made up of SEO skills, copywriting, analytics, site auditing, content strategy, and delivering high-impact work to a list of clients in a variety of industries, helping them improve their visibility in the places where their next customer is likely to find them (which he is rather adept at doing.) In addition to making clients glow with his eloquent work, Jason is a real renaissance man of awesome: he has DJed several local venues in Denver, hosted an online radio program, written and recorded music, crafted stand-up material for local amateur comedians, and had his artwork featured and sold in galleries in both Denver and New York. He also enjoys an occasional Monte Cristo sandwich and is a self-proclaimed aficionado/enthusiast of the early seasons of the Simpsons.