Tyler Jacobson has spent his working life building great brands from nothing. When hired by MacHighway in 1999, the company had less than 200 monthly subscribers. By the end of his tenure in 2015, the company was one of the top 1% largest web hosting companies on the planet.

While building MacHighway’s consumer base alongside its founder Chris Graves, Tyler launched a side venture called Lipgloss. The club night, founded with friends Michael Trundle and Tim Cook, would go on to become one of the largest of its kind in America. At its peak, the Denver club night’s attendance rivaled that of similar clubs in New York and Los Angeles. This success can be partly attributed to Lipgloss’ progressive digital marketing, which focused on on-site social networking in the days before MySpace and Facebook, and a strong focus on innovation and exploration within the event. During Tyler’s run with Lipgloss, which ended in 2009, the night garnered several best of Denver awards and continues to do so to this day.

With MacHighway and Lipgloss dominating their respective markets, Tyler was approached to co-found a new night called Mile High Soul Club, with Tim Wieser. The night was slow to find its audience when it launched in 2008, but a small and dedicated community kept it afloat. By 2012, the event had lines out the door and is still considered the vibrant epicenter of Denver’s soul community. As with Lipgloss, Mile High Soul Club has been named best club night in Denver for multiple years and continues to break attendance records in its 11th year.

When Tyler made the difficult decision to leave MacHighway, he chose to focus on the aspect of his work where he’d had the most passion and success: marketing. After discussion with his friend Randall Erkelens, co-owner of Denver agency Philosophy Communication, Tyler was charged with helming their digital marketing department. By integrating Philosophy’s stellar PR and traditional marketing with innovative digital marketing, the Philosophy team earned a PRSA Gold Pick Award for Reputation and Brand Management in 2017.

Seth Godin promotes sharing your gift and, at every opportunity, this is what Tyler does. Luckily, those chances suddenly became abundant. Tyler was recruited by General Assembly to develop and teach the Facebook Advertising Workshop to Denver area entrepreneurs and marketing professionals. Around this time, he was asked by Dr. Babic-Rosario to develop a guest lecture about psychographic targeting in advertising for undergraduates at Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver, which he delivers multiple times each semester.

In 2018, Tyler decided to launch his own agency, focused on data-based solutions and progressive marketing strategies. He soon recruited long time friend Dannon Nicks to help found Omnifonic. Today, Omnifonic is helping local, national, and international brands achieve and surpass their business goals – and they’ve only just begun.