Tyler Jacobson is founder and partner at Omnifonic, a growth focused digital marketing agency, based in Denver, CO. In addition to running Omnifonic, Tyler teaches classes on Facebook advertising at General Assembly and is a guest speaker at the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver. People also know him for co-founding Lipgloss and, also, Mile High Soul Club, two of Denver's most celebrated club night, posting photos of his dogs to social media, a severely dry, yet omnipresent, sense of humor, his awesome wife and kids.

Want to podcast? Find yourself first (and vice-versa) with Gabe Ratliff

Podcast coach Gabe Ratliff (of The Artful Entrepreneur) joins Tyler Jacobson to discuss how dialing in your message can help you succeed in podcasting and how being compelled to podcast can help you reveal your expertise and passion. TRANSCRIPT (automated): TYLER JACOBSON: You’re listening the Omnicast. I’m your host, Tyler Jacobson, with Omnifonic.com. Joining me…

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The Meaning of Life

Inspirational quotes usually strike me as aspirational porn, fairly meaningless aside from momentarily revving you up, relied upon by people who are aiming present a facade that masks their terror. Sorry if you’re one of those people. I truly hope you live, laugh, and love. Now, here’s where I whip out something wonderful I heard…

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