Simply start by entering your ideal budget (best to come up with this before you advertise!)

This tool will then automatically calculate:

  • Your Impressions
    The number of times your ad is displayed
  • Your Average CPM
    Estimated cost per 1,000 impressions delivered
    Based on 2020 Averages As Reported By
    This can be changed if you’ve already got a first-hand average CPM data from Facebook
  • Your estimated number of clicks
    Based on 202 Facebook click-through-rate trends as reported by WordStream
  • Your estimated number of conversions
    Based on 1 or 2% on-page conversion rates

You’ve seen them before.

You’re casually scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feeds, and bookending your friend’s update is an ad for a local organic Farmer’s Market and an ad for some of those draped harem pants you’ve been eyeing ever since you binge-watched Schitt’s Creek (how did Facebook know?!)

Then it dawns on you:

What could advertising on Facebook do for YOUR business?

Where do I even begin setting up an advertising campaign?

How much should I spend on Facebook ads?

Well, you’re in luck because we have created a FREE Facebook ad budget calculator to help get you and your business started on the right path to saving money and improving your success rate!

Our free Facebook and Instagram ad budget calculator will help you plan and budget properly for your ad campaign and find out how far your dollar can go on Facebook and Instagram ads. Don’t gamble with your business or marketing investments!

Feeling confused, unsure, or overwhelmed still?

Maybe you just don’t have the time or the energy to take your focus off your business to create an ad campaign? No sweat… schedule a free consultation today!

(We can train your staff to become Facebook ads experts)