Our client, an internationally known online freemium provider of document storage, initially hired Omnifonic to run ads promoting their service to help meet their aggressive organizational goals. Our ability to succeed as a vendor, and therefore our client’s ability to succeed, was dependent on far more than making new audiences aware of their product. We needed conversions. We needed them in volume and at an unheard of speed. Of course, we said ‘Yes.’

With nearly 100 million free subscribers in their system, our client found themselves inheriting a strong, non-paying subscriber base that had potential to convert to paying customers. However,  they also inherited complicated, proprietary storage solutions, along with a myriad of disparate service offerings amongst that massive subscriber-base. This lead to value propositions that lacked strength in their current competitive landscape, a poor reputation, and a less than open line of communication with their audiences.

While the obstacles were undeniable, the keys to success lie ahead.  Ultimately, achieving these tremendous results would transform both our client’s perception and their audience’s perception of who they are.

  1. KPIs
  2. Tracking and Monitoring
  3. Optimizing the Sales Process
  4. The First Touchpoint
  5. Social Media Engagement
  6. Aligning Customer Expectations
  7. Product Disparity and Competitive Analysis
  8. Sales Page Optimization
  9. Far-Term Marketing Plan