With our aggressive goal for paid subscriptions being met, it was clear that we weren’t always going to be able to convert all of the existing audience to paid, especially those who were free subscribers who were inactive for 6 months or more. The vision for long term organic growth was one that we began to chart for our client.

The philosophy that had been driving many of our actions was that our client should always provide strong value. That’s not to say that our client should be cheap or discount, but valuable.

What makes something valuable? First and foremost, it has to be of use. Our client had already proven themselves on that front. Their subscriber base was larger than most major city populations.

Another piece of that value perception is that the consumer must feel that whatever they are giving should be equal to, or less than what they receive. The service shouldn’t feel like it’s asking for too much. Our client was proving themselves on that front as well, at least where money was concerned; their service could be as inexpensive as totally free.

The service asked for virtually nothing and provided tools that were of use to their consumers. Where did the value proposition go wrong?

The client’s previous management had rested on their laurels and coasted on business models that become less viable with each passing quarter. When they made changes, they appeared to be done with the company’s needs as the motivator, rather than the consumers. When competition reared its head, the previous management seemingly ignored it. After years of this kind of behavior, despite having a free to low-cost product, their service ended up costing their consumers frustrations so great that the value proposition fell apart.

We were honored to help our client realign with their audience and show why they are an exceptional company, deserving of the public’s trust and business. The base of trust had been re-established, the heavy lifting of meeting their early goals of innovation and adoption had been tended to, and the future awaited.

We provided our client with an in-depth path forward, which started with bringing as many new, free clients on board as possible. Our plan then encouraged those subscribers to adopt the product, and to integrate it into their lives, thus nurturing their customer’s success by being helpful, all while continuing to shape their paid offerings to meet their customer’s growth where it occurs. We want our client’s customers to love this brand and to feel happy to spend money because they know that they will get more in return than whatever it is that they’re investing. With this team, we moved mountains and we know that this is just the start.

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