Despite the client’s long history of business and a strong existing client base, the minor steps toward their goals weren’t being consistently viewed or reported on. We established 3 key progress indicators (KPIs) that could easily show growth, or shrinkage as a result of marketing efforts. This is important not only for celebrating wins and raising alarms but also for translating important numbers to key stakeholders like the CEO and board members. The KPIs we established were conversion volume (which was being tracked prior to our arrival), the conversion rate from key page to order completion, and cost per acquisition. These numbers were included in each monthly report to serve as a barometer of the effectiveness of the organization and our efforts.

How can this apply to your business? Your marketing efforts may be measurable beyond the bottom line. Consider measurable bits of data that you can find to tell you where you stand with your audience. If your experience is entirely digital, an analytics package like Google Analytics can go a long way to helping you define the measurements that are important to your business. Are you looking for help with defining or measuring important data points for your business? Get in touch.

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