Our client’s sales pages worked, as proven by their ability to bring in daily paid and free conversions, but as our now improved conversion rates of 0.8% showed, they had a long way to go to meet our first goal of a 2% conversion rate.

Despite all of our concerns about the antiquated and disconnected look of the sales page, what we discovered was that the problem really may have been that there was no science behind the page. All of the plans were relatively equal visually, and the order of the packages and prices were based on ascending price.

The initial improvement to their sales page came by way of a fluke – the annual packages were de-emphasized, and the monthly plans were prioritized by the web developer. Overnight, the sales doubled. To ensure that there weren’t other factors contributing, we switched the emphasis back to annual plans and sales dropped back to the previous level immediately. It was like turning a tap on and then off. Clearly, this change to emphasizing monthly packages encouraged sales.

While this was a positive discovery, it still left us far from our goal. So, Omnifonic did what marketers do best and added some research and experimentation. We took deeper dives into learning the latest studies about how people make decisions on sales pages, and from there we began to run tests, and track results. We kept those elements that worked, and then went back to the drawing board with those elements that didn’t work.

In the end, we over-achieved on our stated goal of a 2% conversion rate, one that seemed to be a moonshot when we first proposed it. But, something else happened along the way. Not only did their paid accounts increase, but their free accounts did too. We weren’t simply turning would-be free customers into paying customers, we were creating more customers on the whole. While “volume of free customers” wasn’t a metric we were being judged by, we were extremely happy to see this increase, as it fed into our ultimate path of paid subscribers for our client.

Do you know if your primary sales page, that moment of truth for your would-be converter, is doing all it can for you? Would a conversion rate increase of 1% equal twice as much income for your business? We’d love to answer these questions for you and help you deliver your best financial year ever. Get in touch.

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