Under a previous executive team, our client had increased pricing which generated a negative sentiment amongst their subscribers. This caused said former management to retreat from social media, leaving their subscribers feeling unheard and wondering if the company was still solvent. When the client did attempt to peek their head out and engage on social media, they were met with a high volume of negative feedback from customers who still wanted their voices heard.

Omnifonic re-opened these channels during our client’s rebuilding phase. The objectives for our organic efforts were to:

  1. Signal to their audience of nearly over a million social media followers that the company was still thriving.
  2. Allow their audience a platform to engage with our client, express their concerns and feel heard.
  3. Give our client a public platform to empathize with their customers’ frustrations and lay out a path to providing a stronger value.
  4. Increase their footprint on a branded Google search engine results page.

The result of implementing this re-engagement plan was an uptick in feedback sentiment by 88.4% and a volumetric lift in post engagement of 907.7%.

Along with organic social media, Omnifonic tested and optimized paid social media campaigns that were curated over time to focus paid messages to the audience demographic and psychographic profiles that resulted in the best return for our client’s investment. The result of this was a continual growth of audiences by way of marketing messages that were most relevant.

John Lydgate spoke the truth with the declaration that you cannot satisfy all of the people all of the time. Being veterans of large scale customer and technical support operations, the team at Omnifonic can confirm this. That situation is exacerbated when all the people feel in the dark and that their frustrations won’t be met with dialog.
Social media, in its best form, is a conversation between people, even if one or more of those people represent a business – we’re still people who want to be heard and validated. Social media platforms are important channels for having those conversations. The fact that you can earn more visibility in search engines while staying top-of-mind with your most engaged users is the icing on the cake. Let us know if you like help with your social media efforts.

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