Basic Search Engine Optimization

$1500 per month

Beyond Search Engine Optimization

$5000 per month

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, in its most universal term, is giving your website the best opportunity to appear on the first page of search engine results. That said, not all search engine results are created equal.

Do I need SEO?

If you have a website, you likely need some SEO. Even if search engines aren’t going to be the primary driver of your paying customers, it may prove helpful if a potential customer is seeking to validate your business online. If they go to Google and type in your business name, you should ensure that you have a credible and robust presence.

Can you guarantee me a #1 ranking in Google?

We will not guarantee you a #1 ranking in Google.

Lesser companies and charlatans may sell you on the idea of “ranking #1 in Google,” and I assure you that Omnifonic can make that same guarantee. There will likely be never-searched-for questions and terms (aka “Garbage Queries”) for which your site will rank #1. These terms do you no good and don’t bring an audience into your sales funnel. In the end, if you do leverage the services of people making such promises, you will find that you’ve spent too much money for too little return. You may also always regard those who provide search engine optimization services as frauds.

We get it. Often Omnifonic’s services have been relied upon to re-establish faith in search engine optimization services, a feat which we successfully accomplish.

What will we guarantee? We will guarantee that we will establish agreed-upon metrics that add purpose and meaningful tracking to our SEO efforts.

We guarantee that we will do extensive research around your goals, your existing customer, and your prospective customer’s behaviors to give you our best recommendations for success in search engines.

We guarantee that we will always be transparent about what actions we’re taking and how they play into the larger SEO campaign.

Why choose Omnifonic for your search engine optimization services?

There’s a reason we’re relied on time and again to provide trusted, full scope SEO services: One of our best case studies involves an extremely competitive consumer-focused vertical. This company had spent upwards of $100k over two years with multiple SEO agencies. By the time we were able to speak with them, they had all but thrown in the towel on trying to rank organically in search engines.

While one of the previous firms had created a strong foundation, they had failed to communicate the value of their work or next steps to best capitalize on their work. They also failed to focus their work on the search terms that the client’s customers were searching on Google.

Within 6 months of working with Omnifonic, the client went from ranking in 68th position (page 7) to position 1 (top of page 1) in Google for their most competitive term. This is only one of many positive results we were able to report to our client. The traffic that resulted from search engines quickly superseded the previous years traffic from all sources. Their traditional fall slowdown was met with record breaking months.

year over year site traffic graph after Omnifonic SEO services were engaged.

The financial impact of our search engine optimization work to their business cannot be understated. Our client will continue to benefit from this work for years to come. We look forward to future results dwarfing past performance, creating new horizons for this business.

Omnifonic has experience with all kinds of businesses, great to small, local to international, spanning industries and audiences.

We help our clients refine their presence so that Google understands the topics for which these businesses are relevant. We help understand the words and phrases their audiences use in search and help craft better answers than their competitors. We employ proven on-page, technical, and offsite SEO techniques to give our clients the best opportunities for visibility in Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Yahoo.

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