Social media marketing is what many people think of first when they think of digital marketing. It’s not hard to understand why. These platforms are where we work, where we play, and where we communicate. Not to mention that a well-crafted message that adds value to communities can do wonders for your brand’s awareness and reputation. 

While ease of use puts the functionality of social media into the hands of everyone, there is a complicated world of options and strategies that exist just beyond the user interface. Mastering these tools for each platform and staying abreast of their changes can seem like a job in and of itself. On top of that, you’d need a lifetime of experience to create messages that add meaning to communities with tried and true market research and copywriting.

If you’re thinking you’ll need a whole team to master the world of social media, you’re probably right. Luckily, you’ve got that team in Omnifonic. As Denver’s premier Facebook and Instagram advertising agency, we don’t just run social media campaigns, we run campaigns that are focused on extracting results that matter to your business goals.


We start with your outcome at the center of our strategy. While your competitors exist on social media simply for the sake of having a presence, we make sure that our clients are leveraging social media networks to move the needle on bigger marketing expectations. Focusing on the big picture and social media’s contribution gives purpose to your content and presence.


Our founder, Tyler Jacobson, is an award-winning social media strategist and trainer. From teaching Facebook advertising classes to business leaders or speaking to college students about psychographic targeting, he makes it his mission and the mission of the Omnifonic team, to stay on top of the latest trends, strategies, and tools that make social marketing campaigns achieve.


It’s astonishing how many companies invest in social media, from content creators to reputation managers, who have never seen the numbers behind these efforts. Here’s the truth: Your best competitors are looking at their social media reports. They are seeing what works and have their teams focused on maintaining or improving those KPIs. It’s not hard to see why tracking your reach, impressions, and engagement on places like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn is important. Omnifonic makes this reporting effective by creating easy to understand reports and delivering your tea expert analysis every month.

Paid Social Media Marketing

Paid social media is one of the most exciting and valuable devices in your marketing toolbox. The precision with which you can accurately identify your customers and then market to their needs is unprecedented.

Audience Building

Omnifonic prides ourselves on our expert audience research and definition. We go beyond simple demographics and focus on the behaviors and affinities of your best customers or people most likely to adopt the message of your campaign. We then segment that audience by where they are in the buyer’s journey, to make sure that they receive the most effective message based on their moment of truth. We challenge you to let us blow your mind with the kinds of targeting Omnifonic can bring to your brand.


Awareness is the entry point of any buyer’s journey. In essence, in the awareness stage, you are telling your audience who you are, what you do, and attempting to move that audience into the consideration stage, where they will decide if your product or service meets their immediate needs. Social media can be a great venue to run awareness ad campaigns that focus on ad impressions, the number of people reached, and repetition of your ads.


Remarketing is one of the amazing gifts that the digital age offers brands. With remarketing, you are able to focus your budget on audiences who already have brand awareness, allowing you to optimize your ad investments on building trust or focus on features that your customers find the most valuable. By nurturing your audiences through the consideration stage with remarketing ads, you can give your brand the best opportunity to turn visitors into customers.


Conversion is the final transactional stage of the buyer’s journey and some people in your sales funnel are there right now. What will you do to turn them into buyers or MQLs? Whether you want your visitors to complete an order or download that white-paper they’ve had their eye on, running ads to extract a ‘Yes’ from your audience can be one of your smartest investments. What can a 1% increase in sales do for your bottom line this quarter? Talk to us today and let’s talk about how to promote your audience from prospects to customers.

Organic Social Media

The differences between paid social media and organic social media can’t be understated. While these two methods of communication should be consistent and integrated, each tactic requires it’s own unique focus. Let Omnifonic work with your team to generate and execute a content calendar that will keep your social media feeds full and engaging.  Our regular reporting will also make sure that our combined efforts are making the most of your organic social media investment.